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Developmental Milestones: 6-10 Months

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This checklist is a general guideline, please remember that all children develop at different rates. Use this resource to discuss strengths and goals when working with a teacher, child specialist, or educational nanny in the home.

Developmental Checklist, 6-8 months

__________ Begins repetitive babbling (”ba,ba,ba”)?
__________ Laughs out loud?
__________ Associates gestures with simple words or phrases (waving for “hi” and “bye”)?
__________ Uses vocal (noises) and non-vocal (pointing) communication to express interest?
__________ Sits without support?
__________ Sits up without help?
__________ Beginning to crawl?
__________ Moves toy from hand to hand with ease?
__________ Grasps and pulls things towards self?
__________ Distinguishes between real and fake things (real dog, stuffed animal of a dog)?
__________ Expresses several different emotions?
__________ Able to recognize those known and strangers?
__________ Becomes sad when drops toy?
__________ Enjoys pat-a-cake?

Developmental Checklist, 9-10 months

__________ Can get into sitting position?
__________ Creeps/crawls?
__________ Picks up small objects using thumb and forefinger?
__________ Pulls cover off toy he/she has seen hidden?
__________ Pulls self up?
__________ Holds furniture and walks around?
__________ Can control lips around cup?
__________ Imitates gestures and facial expressions?