Give Your Child a Private Teacher.



 We’re the smart alternative that can change your child’s life:

  • More enriching than a nanny.
  • More personal than a daycare or classroom.



Give Your Child a Private Teacher.

Childhood is a journey that builds a foundation for the future.

Personal Childcare

  • Private childcare teachers. Personal activities.
  • More educational than a nanny. More personal than a daycare.
  • Montessori inspired*.
  • See why we’re the leaders in private educational childcare.

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Educational Services

We’ve been helping families find personal teachers for 20 years. During that time, we’ve developed unique systems to identify exceptional private teachers. Learn how these teachers can help your child develop to his or her potential.

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A+ Screening Services

Have you already identified a strong candidate, but would like to benefit from our 20 years of experience screening teachers? TeacherCare now offers multiple screening packages.

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The TeacherCare Difference

“Each child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique.” – Robert John Meehan

See what parents are saying about TeacherCaregivers:

TeacherCare Reviews

Kaitlin is creative, patient, and very skilled at teaching the whole person, which is a real winning combination. The boys are busy doing everything from science experiments to craft projects to practicing writing letters and numbers right now. She is a true partner when it comes to looking out for the boys’ best interests and promoting their development.

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William has cerebral palsy and does not walk or talk. When I hired Brandi, I explained I was looking for someone who would push him and help him achieve his full potential…Brandi has gone above and beyond my expectations…She is a true partner in raising my children to be the best they can be.

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The love between Amiee and the boys’ is exactly what I prayed for; someone who would love them like my husband and I do.We knew Aimee was the one when our then autistic-like 3-year old walked over to Aimee and put his head on her lap. Thank you TeacherCare. We have sent many families to you and hope they were as lucky as we are!

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Heather goes above and beyond the call of duty. The most important thing she does besides keeping me organized, my kids organized and on top of new challenges in homework, is building a relationship with them. She is a joy to see in action with my kids who text her and send her pictures every time they accomplish something new. It just goes to show the genuinely close relationship she has developed.

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In the Press

Early Experiences, Childcare & Brain Development

Give your child a caregiver who is trained to optimize spontaneous learning during everyday activities.

Imagine having a caregiver who is aware of the developmental tasks (intellectual, physical, social and emotional) a child must successfully complete before entering the next stage of development; who knows which types of nurturing and stimulation will enhance your child’s development; and who is aware of the best means to help your child realize his or her potential.


Percent of physical brain growth happens in the first five years of life.

Find a TeacherCaregiver for your Family.

Let us help you find a personalized childcare specialist. Give your child the childcare choice that sets the foundation for a lifetime of success and happiness.

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What Does TeacherCare Do?

For 20 years, we’ve been helping families find extraordinary childcare. See why we’re the most trusted home childcare educators in the nation.

As parents and educators, we will do everything we can to make sure your child receives exceptional care and enrichment. To consistently reach this goal, we’ve developed a Comprehensive Evaluation Process to find the best childcare educators.

Proven Methods
Our 20 years as the leader in personal childcare enrichment, in conjunction with extensive research in pediatric neuroscience and early education, gave us the foundation to:

  • Identify key attributes of successful TeacherCareGivers
  • Rigorously screen candidates
  • Develop tools and resources for successful long-term support
  • Personalize a childcare and education program to the needs and goals of your family.

Expert Guidance
TeacherCare directors combine advanced academic training and experience with a sincere dedication to your family. Your director will work closely with you to guide your search. She will use her knowledge and expertise to personally assess each applicant. This unique approach, along with our exclusive Six Evaluation Systems, allows us to share our expertise with your child and family.


A TeacherCaregiver is...


A personal childcare teacher who is trained to value and create positive, stimulating early childcare experiences.

  • Educated, nurturing, experienced and dedicated to your family.
  • Cares for your child’s complete day-to-daychildcare needs in your home.
  • Personalizes play activities to your child’s age, development and interest.
Early Experiences & Brain Development


An explosion of recent research links everyday early experiences, such as childcare, to lasting changes in brain architecture:

  • Positive, stimulating daily experiences can have amazing effects on early brain development.
  • Negative or un-stimulating daily experiences can have devastating effects on the brain’s development.



Your child's future starts now!


Very early in life, a TeacherCaregiver can help your child:

  • Realize his or her potential
  • Learn more readily throughout life
  • Contact us today to begin your free consultation with a knowledgeable director.Experiences matter. Apply Now